GRD121 Sketchbook Exercise Week 13

For week 13 we were tasked with drawing self-portraits. One was to be a serious face, one an emotional or silly face, and the third could be anything we want. I didn’t get to the funny-face drawing, but I did do a serious face objective portrait. I also did a psychological/metaphorical portrait. I wanted to portray a dark and fragmented image, because I deal with depression on a regular basis and I often feel betrayed by my own brain. This leaves me feeling like I don’t know who I am or whether I can trust my own thoughts and emotions.

This was the first time I have done a self-portrait drawing. The first one came out better than I expected, but I can tell that I should have pulled back and looked at how each element in the face related to the others before I did the final shading and emphasis.

Here is my objective portrait:


Here is my psychological/metaphorical portrait:



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