GRD121 Final Project Week 15

For our final project we were to draw a portrait of a live model. We were told to drape the model with some kind of fabric and draw them from the waist or chest up. I chose to draw my youngest daughter. She sat in a chair in my living room, and I draped a fleece throw around her shoulders, with one arm out. I took several photos of her from different angles, with her head in different positions. I finally chose one with her looking off past my shoulder, with her head in a three-quarter position.

I like working from photographs better than drawing from life. I realize this is probably a weakness, and I plan to take more life-drawing classes or go to various life-drawing events so that I can practice more quick pose techniques, more gestural drawing, and learn to draw more detailed portraits from the longer poses. Considering how few portraits I have drawn, however, I think this portrait of my daughter turned out spectacularly well.

Here is my final project:



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