GRD121 Sketchbook Exercise Week 9

For week 9 we were tasked with drawing 3 pages of perspective drawings. Page 1 was to have 2 one-point perspective drawings, page 2 was to have 2 two-point perspective drawings, and page 3 was to have 2 three-point perspective drawings. I got all the one-point and two-point drawings done, but unfortunately only got to do 1 three point drawing.

I really enjoy doing linear perspective drawings. Perhaps it’s because you can be so precise with perspective, using rulers and vanishing points. I like precision. So this exercise was interesting and fun for me.

Here are my one-point perspective drawings:

1-pt perspective

Here are my two-point perspective drawings:

2-pt perspective drawings

Here is my 3-pt perspective drawing (it is drawn from the floor looking up at two of my bookshelves):

3-pt perspective


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