GRD121 Sketchbook Exercise Week 7

For week 7, we were tasked with doing 3 pages of drawings illustrating various techniques for showing mass and volume. Page 1 was to be 4 cross-contour drawings, page 2 was to be light and dark using a toned background and lifting out highlights, and page 3 was to be negative-space drawings. Unfortunately, again I ran out of time and was only able to complete the cross-contour and negative-space drawings. The cross-contour drawings were difficult just because they looked so strange to me. I don’t normally use cross-hatching or cross-contour lines that much when I draw, so it was awkward for me. For the negative space drawings, it was a bit easier because I’ve done this kind of exercise before.

Here are my cross-contour drawings:


Here are my negative-space drawings:



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