GRD121 Sketchbook Exercise Week 2

For week 2, we were tasked with quite a few things. First of all, we were to experiment with mark-making and make a value bar in several types of media: Graphite, Charcoal, and Colored Pencil. Secondly, we were to compose several objects and make 3 line drawings of those objects from different points of view.

For the mark-making, I tried to make many types of lines: thick, thin, straight and curved. I have made value bars before in another art class. Charcoal and graphite are easy when it comes to making a value bar, but the colored pencils were more challenging. I learned that you have to layer the color bit by bit to make the values go from light to dark.

Here are my mark-making sketches:



For the line drawings, I wanted to create an interesting and unique composition. I probably chose something more challenging than I should have. The dice in particular were extremely difficult to draw well in proportion to the other objects. However I enjoy a challenge and I think the line drawings turned out well.

Here are my line drawings:




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