How to Create Two-State Rollover Buttons for a Web Page (Part 2)

Method Two: Making Manual Changes

Using preset styles from the Styles panel can be a quick and convenient way to make buttons. But maybe you have a particular look in mind and there isn’t a preset style that looks quite right. So we’ll make a few manual changes to give you an example of what you can do on your own to create a different button state. This section assumes you didn’t follow the steps in Method One.

  1. Click on the Button Shape layer to make it active.
  2. Double-click on the right side of the layer to open the Layer Effects dialog.
  3. First I chose a Bevel and Emboss effect. The effect settings I chose created the effect of a button pressed down. See the screenshot below to see the settings I used.


  4. Next I chose an Inner Glow effect. See the screenshot below for the settings I used.


  5. Based on the settings I used, my button now looks like the screenshot below.


  6. Depending on how you changed your button, you may also want to add a drop shadow or some other effect. When you are done, click OK to accept the settings and close the dialog box.

Continued on page 3…


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