Catching Up

Hello everyone out there! I got a job last August which I totally loved, and which I was really hoping would go from contract to permanent. It was great for me in lots of ways, but unfortunately the same thing happened that has happened so many times before. Some executive decides they have got to increase revenue or decrease costs, they don’t know me or my work, and they decide to cut contractors because that’s the first step when you cut costs. As a tech writer, I don’t contribute to revenue in any direct way–so I usually get the axe no matter how hard I’ve worked or how much everyone loved what I was doing.

At any rate, faithful Readers, that means I am once again unemployed. On the up side, I will have more time to put content up here on my blog.

NOTE: I have decided that moving forward, any content related to parenting or children will be moved to the group parenting blog I am writing for, called Crassparenting. This blog will now be restricted to content about art and design.

I will hopefully be adding some content this coming weekend. My plan is to both offer free art/design elements that I’ve created, and also provide tutorials for techniques I’ve learned. There are tons of good tutorials out there, but sometimes they are somewhat old. So I will probably be repeating some material, but hopefully having it updated to more recent versions of Adobe Creative Suite will make it valuable nonetheless. Plus I like to think I will be adding my own flair or spin to it.

Thanks for reading!


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