Personal Logo, Pt. 3

I had narrowed the symbol for the logo down to three choices. While I really like the box-like symbol, I decided to go with the writing/art utensils symbol for now. With that decision made, I realized I needed to work on the typography for the logo. I haven’t scanned in the hand-drawn sketches I made (I will include that in the tutorial), but here are the first two possibilities I came up with.

As you can see, one has more of a horizontal design, the other a slightly more vertical, stacked design. I liked both arrangements, but decided the vertical/stacked design would probably fit into a rectangular logo more easily.

While I probably will experiment with additional fonts and layouts just to stretch myself, I decided to go ahead and work up the logo with the particular typography design I had chosen from this round of experiments. Here is my result:

As I said, I am going to continue experimenting with different fonts and type arrangements. Also, I’m not happy with the color scheme in the view above, so I will be experimenting with different color schemes as well. I am thinking a monochromatic scheme (red, black, white, gray) might work best. I will post the results of my continuing experiments as the week goes on. Thanks for reading!


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