Poem of the Week

Well after a week-long hiatus I am hopefully back to posting on schedule. I was recovering from a very disappointing occurrence. I was offered a job, and I accepted–but then was told it was an independent (1099) contract position. A 1099 contract means I would have to pay self-employment tax, which in turn means I would have to set aside about 30% of my salary. When I told them I needed to renegotiate the rate based on that knowledg, they withdrew their offer. So…from exhilaration to deep disappointment in about two to three days.

At any rate, here is this week’s Poem of the Week. Continuing with material I wrote in college, this was another relationship poem. However, after several drafts in first person that just didn’t work, I decided to switch to third person. By fictionalizing more and distancing myself from my own experiences, I was able to tighten up the poem and make it stronger. Hope you enjoy it!

Shooting Star

She sits at sunset,
Staring into a coral sky
Pastels slowly covered in dusty charcoal
Sweet sad strains of bluegrass
Wafting by with cigarette smoke
She waits to catch a glimpse
Of stars falling over the water
It’s only a meteor shower
But somehow a shooting star
Makes her believe in magic again

She’s not alone, but there’s a space beside her
Where he ought to be
Her mind worries the empty space like a pulled tooth
She smells the smoke on someone’s breath
Conversation lost, she fades…
His breath on her face in a moment of passion
The smoke that curled around his head after

A spark ignites
Shooting all the way across the sky
For a few precious seconds it seems so tangible
Then it blinks out – it’s gone
Left with a memory
She wonders if he saw it fall

She makes a wish
As the last song fades away with the smoke

©1994 by Megan Wiseman


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