Poem of the Week

I wrote this poem in college. I was in a somewhat tumultuous relationship at the time. I thought that we would get through it, painful as it was, and I was inspired to compare it to the discomfort you endure when you attempt to get more fit.

Growing Pains

Muscles burning as I
Climb an invisible staircase
Pretend to lift heavy objects
I fall into a Zen state
Progress equals pain
No pain no gain

Within the forced nirvana induced by physical fitness
I transform
I become the snake
Shedding each successive self with silent screams
I become the tree
Stretching slowly from sapling to living tower

But thinking of muscles, snakes and trees and
Climbing imaginary mountains
Does nothing to comfort me when I am being eaten from the inside
Nor does it help when hurricanes attack me
On the way home from the mall
And I spend hours in the violent rain of your tears and mine and
I wonder why I am here at all
At home I look for emotional aspirin to relieve these growing pains
©1994 Megan Wiseman


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