Poem of the Week

The poem for this week is one I wrote in college. It is a romantic poem, but I hit upon a really cool metaphor that I’ve always been really proud of. Written in Texas around August, the heat was truly sweltering and that figured into the imagery.

Dog Days

No air conditioning. I am
Sweating under the sheets
Tossing and turning
In this unrelenting bitchy heat.
My thoughts follow you like puppies.
Panting in eagerness
brings no relief
from tongue swollen with words,
heart swollen and sore.

Well I’m no dumb blonde,
but if you let me be your spaniel
I’ll follow you anywhere,
forgive you everything,
adore you always,
never chew your favorite shoes,
or make a mess on your Persian rug.

And if you left me behind,
tried to give me away,
I’d show up at your door unexpectedly
with many tales to tell.
And all I’d have to do
is lick your fingers and give you that look
and you would let me right in,
wouldn’t you?
But then again,
you would never leave me behind…
would you?
© 1994 by Megan Wiseman


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