Design Journal: Personal Logo

I am trying to make a career change. I’m taking classes in game development, but it will be quite some time before I am finished with my degree because I’m only taking two classes per semester and none in the summer.

So, I’m trying to find another intermediate step–a creative career that I can move into quickly. Given my design and art skills, I’m looking at graphic design and instructional design. (For more information on instructional design, visit my friend Christy Tucker’s blog, Experiencing E-Learning.)

In order to get a job in one of these fields, I need to a) create a portfolio, and b) completely re-design my resume/CV. Since doing corporate branding (logo, business cards, letterhead) is one of the most basic and essential tasks for a graphic designer, I decided to put together a branding package for myself. That way, not only can I make a good impression on a prospective employer, but I can include my own branding package in my portfolio as an example of my work. Killing two birds with one stone!

I often have a tendency to come up with one idea and then fixate on it. But in both game design and graphic design, you often need to create large numbers of draft ideas to present to your team lead, boss, or client. So I wanted to push myself to keep thinking of more and more ways to do something.

Here is the first design I came up with. I liked the idea of creating an abstract owl shape, because when I do go freelance, I’m using the name “Wisemoon Designs” as a business name. I thought it would be good if my personal logo connected with my business name.

Then, as I said, I decided to push myself to come up with as many possible ideas as I could. So I did all of these in about an hour or so.

Right now I am leaning toward the box-like shape, and the three drawing/writing implements. Close runners-up are the mountain-reflection one and the three-part banner one. Feel free to comment on which one seems coolest to you, or which one stands out the most! I’ll be following up when I’ve reached the next stage.


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