Poem of the Week

I’ve decided to start posting one of my poems once a week here on my blog. It’s not really related to the other topics I usually write about, but not many people know that I write poetry. I guess I just wanted to put it out there, to show a different side of myself.

Today’s poem is one I started in 1995, then I added the last verse in 1998. It’s kind of about my search for my biological father, but I left it intentionally vague because at the time I was kind of searching for a lot of things.

Venice Beach

Walking down Santa Monica Boulevard
toward Venice Beach
the palm trees seem unreal
like walking onto a TV soundstage
The Venice Beach boardwalk
is an alien hybrid
of circus sideshow and shopping mall
don’t stop and look too long
or someone will ask for money…

I glean bits of entertainment
from the corners of my eyes
I eavesdrop as I walk by
to catch the witty banter of the performers
On the way to the beach
A psychic with delusions of grandeur
Over-charged me for a card reading
I could have done it better myself
but on the boardwalk
in the midst of charade and pretense
an unlikely sage sits under a beach umbrella
reads uncomfortable truths in my hand
and only asks me what it’s worth to me

I have dinner at a bar and grill
while guys twice my age give me
the eye and a bad line
I walk down the long and lonely boulevard
to my rented bed
I have been searching for something but
I haven’t found it and now
I want to go home.

I dream I am once more on the beach
The sun is warm, the water cold
I am suspended somewhere in between
the sand cradles me
the waves rock me to sleep
strong arms hold me close
Please, don’t wake me
Please, don’t go
© 1995 by Megan Wiseman


2 thoughts on “Poem of the Week

  1. What can I say…very, very, very emotionally touching when you know what it’s actually about. Very different to what’s out there…and I like that very much. A labor of love…one can feel it!

    • Thanks so much! Generally I try to let the reader determine the meaning…if you don’t know specifically what the writer intended, you can apply the poem to your own life and get more relevance out of it. But in this case, I think knowing that it is about a parent-child relationship primarily, and not a romantic relationship, changes the meaning a lot. So I wanted to point that out. I have written a lot of romantic poetry but will probably not post that much of it here, as most of it is deeply personal and some of it uses fairly sensual language. Thanks again for reading!

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