Art Journal: My First Finished Digital Map!

I am so proud! I finished my very first digital map. I started this map a couple of years ago, but it got set aside before I was finished due to my going back to school.

Some backstory:

This regional map is from an original worldbuilding concept I came up with about 30 years ago (can you believe it?). The continent is called Demetia. This region is a nation called Xamel. At the moment, it is populated by a Dungeons and Dragons race called dragonborn. They are dragon-like bipedal humanoids. This particular nation was founded by a large migration of former servants of an ancient dragon empire, which ruled the entire continent of Demetia thousands of years before the current era. The Xameli are highly isolationist and rarely allow non-dragonborn into their lands, which is why there are so many watchtowers around the border and coastline. In the current era, however, the leadership has changed to someone who is a bit more forward-looking, and some trade agreements have been made with cities and groups from other areas.

I created this map in GIMP, except for the compass rose which was created in Photoshop. I used the RobA’s tutorial, and several other great tutorials from the Cartographer’s Guild site.


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