Art Journal: Making Maps in Gimp Tutorial, Pt. 5

I have finished Part 4 of the tutorial revision I’ve been working on. Here’s what we have covered so far:

  • Part 1  – basic landmass shape, some techniques for generating a random map
  • Part 2 –  coloring in your ocean/sea, coloring your landmass with textured grass and dirt
  • Part 3  – create mountains and forests on your map
  • Part 4  – create rivers and lakes, place icons for towns and cities, drawing roads on your map
  • Part 5 –  this post: create lables for your geographical features, towns and settlements; create title banner; create legend banner; place compass rose; finish map with border.

Here is a shot of the finished example map from the tutorial:

Here is the tutorial link. I hope you’ve found the tutorial useful and interesting. If you like fantasy cartography, head on over to The Cartographer’s Guild site and take a look at the great resources they have available. You can post your own maps for critiques, and get inspiration from other cartographers, including professional artists.

Using GIMP to Create an Artistic Regional RPG Map Pt 5


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