This is the first post on my new blog. My blog will have two main categories: CoolMama, and RadGamerMom.

Posts in CoolMama are about pop culture and parenting. I love pop culture, and unlike many parents I happen to agree with the theory that pop culture is actually gaining complexity and making us smarter. As a parent, understanding and engaging in pop culture with my kids gives us a shared cultural language and increases our connection and closeness. Also, if I know what pop culture my kids like, I can make more informed decisions about what they watch, play, and listen to. Kids love to talk about what they like, and if their parents listen and can intelligently converse with them about those topics–well, kids think that is cool. By talking to my kids about what they like, I foster trust and intimacy. That trust and intimacy makes parenting (even the yucky parts like nagging them to brush their teeth and get to bed on time) go much more smoothly. Plus, you have a lot more fun when you play games, watch movies, and listen to music together!

RadGamerMom is about art, design, and video game development. Specifically, about game design. After working as a technical writer for nearly 14 years, I recently decided to go back to school to study video game art and design. I will share my progress in the program, and showcase my own ideas about art and design in general. I will show examples of my class work, examples of side projects I am working on, game reviews (emphasizing design and market analysis), and write op-ed pieces on the industry or art/design in general.

I hope to be able to post content at least a couple of times a week. Please stay tuned! And thank you so much for reading.


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